How Wrap Can Work for You

Dec 06, 2022

Wrappers come from many different backgrounds - our community includes social media managers, product managers, designers, business owners, students, and more.

Sharing is what Wrap is all about. From email campaigns to work presentations, Wrap is here to help you create beautiful designs to share with your community.

Check out the endless ways to use Wrap!

Social Media Managers

As a social media manager, maintaining a consistent and beautiful brand image on all social media platforms is the name of the game. Using Wrap, social media managers can create beautifully designed content of customer reviews, tweets, and other images in a fun and easy way. Visuals are essential for strong engagement, making Wrap the perfect partner-in-crime for when you need a stunning visual in a pinch.

Wrap creates engaging designs for your needs.

Product Managers

Being able to showcase the progress and results of your work is a key piece of being a product manager, and screenshots are one of the most effective ways to do this. From sharing before and after shots of your product or demonstrating how a feature works, Wrap has you covered with designs that will impress customers, coworkers. Creating and sharing beautiful screenshots makes it easier for product managers to showcase the progress they’ve made to their team and key stakeholders.

Screenshots are made stylish with Wrap.

Graphic Designers

While designing is what designers do, it’s good to have a helping hand. Using Wrap is a great way for graphic designers to showcase their work and make a positive first impression with potential employers or clients.

Screenshots are an effective way to showcase your work as a graphic designer because they provide an immediate visual representation of the finished product. They allow people to see exactly what you’ve created and they provide a quick snapshot of the work you’ve done so potential employers can get a better idea of your skill set and style.

Designing with Wrap compliments your work!

Small Business Owners

Business owners truly do it all, and Wrap is there to beautifully capture the ambiance and spirit of each company and product. From creating social media content to website images, Wrap makes it easy. Not only is Wrap simple and intuitive, it’s an affordable option to add to your marketing stack that highlights your business’s specialty.

With Wrap, your social media content will look next-level.


Creating presentations and getting projects across the finish line often comes hand-in-hand with being a student, and Wrap can make this task way easier. With Wrap, students can create beautiful visuals of their data, tables, and other images that will be sure to get them an A+!

Wrap makes every school project look professional.

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Wrap offers its users unlimited creativity, and the opportunities for how it can be used are endless - how will you Wrap?